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The mission of the Unity in the Community (UIC) is the well-being of every individual and the family regardless of their affiliation with any political clans, religion and ethnic division. Our mission is to facilitate enduring, sustainable programs that could promote community development and we believe in to maintain kin’s relationship.

  • Maintain Kin Relation. Build a strong community and promote unity in the Community through showcasing diversity.
  • Spread greetings of peace, love and harmony.
  • Feed the Hungry.
  • Education and awareness. Action helps community to improve understanding of civil responsibilities.
  • Involvement of seniors, women and youth in the community integration through healthy programs.
  • Build a community Centre to facilitate seniors, women and youth.
  • Muhammad Jawaid President
  • Muhammad Saleem Executive Board Member
  • Ajay Gupta
  • Jeff Clarke
  • Rampal Singh
  • Rubina Zulfiqar
  • Nasra Fasih
  • Ravi Khurana
  • Jim Fitch (Barrister & Solicitor)

Unity in the Community (UIC) was established in 2015 in Mississauga with the help of few members of the community in order to spread the message of love, tolerance, openness and inclusiveness.

It was established with the intention to serve the community and the humanity without any discrimination of race, color, religion and ethnicity.

Over the last four years, Unity in the Community (UIC) has been serving the broader community, especially in Mississauga, Brampton and Milton. Through programs like Feed the Hungry, Blood Donation, Warm Clothes Collection, Fundraising for Credit Valley Hospital, Seniors, Women and drug issues seminars, we have been able to touch the lives of those in need.

  • Diabetic Awareness Drive in the month of November to be organised by Unity in the Community Brampton.
  • Warm Clothes collection drive to be organised by Unity in the Community Brampton.
  • Anti – Rash Drive; Drive Slowly campaign in the month of November to be organised by Unity in the Community Milton.
  • Christmas Party.
  • Toys collection drive in the month of December.
  • Seminars (CPP Benefits for the seniors, education and awareness of foster parents and seniors and women abuse).
  • Feed the Hungry Food Drive.
  • Eid with Trillium Health Partners.

Fundraising for Credit Valley Hospital:  With the help of Trillium Health Partners until 2023 and has to raise from $ 10,000 to $ 100,000 each year.

Feed the Hungry program: This program will continue until all Canadians in need are able to feed themselves and children with stomach stop going to school. UIC has a plan to establish its own food and clothes bank in the near future but needs help from the donors, politicians and the city.

Blood Donation Drive: This program will continue until Canadians need blood to live.

Settlement & Integration:

  • To provide services to new immigrants, people in need for the resources, counselling legal and medical help.
  • To provide services to abused women, seniors and their children who are in need of help with respect to legal, medical and financial.
  • To provide advocacy support to seniors, women in their dealings with community agencies and services.
  • To provide programs and support to other community based programs which are designed to prevent, treat and alleviate problems related to family violence, senior’s abuse, child abuse and education and awareness of various rights, obligations and needs.



  • To provide leadership in educating the community with regard to all issue of family violence, senior’s abuse, child abuse and education and awareness of various rights, obligations and needs.
  • To provide and facilitate education for the growth of members and supporters.
  • To provide educational opportunities for continuing development of staff and board members.
  • To work with other agencies to educate the public about healthy relationships.



  • To employ an Executive Director for the overall administration, maintenance and supervision of the centre, the building, the staff and the members.
  • To ensure that an effective and comprehensive financial system is maintained.
  • To function as a policy-making and decision-making body and to lobby government and community agencies in relation to need of assistance.


Women and Seniors Shelter:

  • To provide comfortable place and services to abused women, seniors and children who are in crisis.
  • To provide support services to  members, seniors and women (residents and non-residents).
  • To provide advocacy support to  seniors, women in their dealings with community agencies and services.


Domestic Violence Program:

  • To provide programs and support to educate & prevent family problems related to family violence.

Shortage of funds

  • Training of staff, officials and members for their future endeavors.
  • Temporary place for a centre and shelter.
  • Trained staff.
  • To make programs and provide all his help to organize them smoothly..


Over the years, UIC has matured as non-profit organization, growing and adapting along with the changing face and need of the diverse ethnic individuals and families and to support them in the most effective way possible. The Board will build on the foundation laid three years ago, and strive for an even stronger future for the communities. It is with deep gratitude that we acknowledge the significant input offered by our elders’ members, partners, and the executive members of UIC. We have listened, and your voices will continue to guide us as work to further the plan. The Board is eager to move forward, and to report on the progress of the organization over time. With this new strategic plan, UIC is well guided in its mission to serve all individuals and families regardless of their religion and social status.