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Volunteer Application

Are you 16 or older and looking for an exciting and rewarding way to be involved in UIC events? Volunteer with UIC-Mississauga! With activities in every corner of the city and throughout the year, there will be plenty of opportunities to lend a hand and have some fun.

Gain valuable skills and experience, engage and inspire your community, develop meaningful friendships and create memories to talk about for years to come. Be part of the magic!

We’re looking for super volunteers who demonstrate the following:

  • Pride in representing your City and UICM-Mississauga
  • Strong oral communication skills in English, French or both
  • Warm and friendly personality, strong people skills, enthusiasm, positivism, team player, eager to help attitude
  • Knowledge of the Ontario region
  • Comfort level with technology
  • Willing to undergo volunteer training
  • Interest in Community works, Politics, Culture, Arts, Music & Sports

Our community…rich in resources, alive with people, relationships to build! Communities have so much to offer – people of like minds, with common interests, fascinations or even passions to share with each other.